Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone - Ajman Offshore Company Formation
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Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone

Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone

The Ajman Free Zone Authority permits four sorts of business setups:

  1. Ajman Free Zone Entity
  2. Ajman Free Zone Company
  3. Branch of a Local Company
  4. Branch of a Foreign Company


Universal Entrepreneurs can get one of the 5 distinctive permits composes for their Ajman business:

Exchanging licenses

Exchanging Licenses are issued to entrepreneurs who wish to complete exchanging exercises in the Free Zone, illustration exchanging articles of clothing. Just 3 exercises can be added to a solitary permit.

Web-based business permit

Ajman Free Zone expert gives E-Commerce permit to Ajman Free Zone organization development in Electronic exchanging or online business. It likewise gives specialized and showcasing backing to financial specialists.

Proficient Services permit

This permit is issued to remote/UAE organizations with the aim of completing the matter of giving proficient administrations in the Ajman Free zone, for example, IT Consultancy, Management consultancy and Marketing among numerous different administrations.

Modern permit

This sort of permit is issued to Foreign/United Arab Emirate organizations who wish to do producing exercises in the Ajman Free zone according to ecological principles and assembling approaches in Ajman. Ajman Free Zone specialists give brilliant stores and stockrooms to encourage this movement. This guarantees all the speculator necessities are gotten in one place.

National Industrial License

This permit is normally issued to an enrolled organization in Ajman working in the Free Zone and meets the accompanying qualification criteria:

  • The organization ought to be enrolled with a GCC national or nationals owing greater part shareholding of 51% and above.
  • At minimum 40% of the assembling procedure ought to be defined by the organization inside the Free Zone.
  • Companies holding a national Industrial License are entitled to obligation free fares to the part conditions of the Arab Gulf Cooperation committee.


Seaward License

A seaward permit can be issued to individuals by Ajman Free Zone specialists, who expect to build up a business with no physical nearby nearness.


Ajman Free Zone – Facilities

Ajman has world-class offices as a major aspect of their business set up understanding. A portion of the offices have been recorded underneath:

1. Brilliant Offices

Brilliant workplaces are appropriate as a clever venture for new companies and business people. The expenses can be kept low and to encourage proactive business activities and support, Smart workplaces accompanies two work visa.

2. Official Offices

Official workplaces are deliberately situated in Ajman Free Zone. It accompanies up to 5 work visas. Business activity can be effortlessly and promptly begun with these workplaces. Official workplaces have superb offices, simply stopping and security.

3. Distribution centres

Ajman Free Zone is enthused about gathering the prerequisites of financial specialists by planning and giving amazing distribution centres, with all administrative offices and determinations. Distribution centres for lease begin from 100 square meters.

4. Terrains

These are zones for venture and exchange zones appropriate for modern speculation, arranged according to precise research on speculators’ needs.


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